What is the science of SoeMac?

SoeMac is a non-invasive, alternative Oxygen Energy Therapy treatment that can help people with a wide range of sleep and health problems.

It's completely natural, producing a bio-usable form of energised oxygen known as singlet oxygen energy, or SOE.


SOE is an Oxygen Energy Therapy which can help to relax the lungs and the cardio-vascular system, and improve the body’s utilisation of oxygen by changing it into a more energised form, which is more readily usable by the body. At the cellular level, the body then uses this extra energy to more effectively do its jobs, and produce more ATP, Adenosine Tri-Phosphate, the body’s energy currency.

It’s completely natural and works by drawing air inside. When used at night when we are at rest, the body is more able to use the Oxygen Energy which can help the body to carry out important repair work, including detoxification and rejuvenation at the cellular level. This can result in a more restorative deep sleep, reduced feelings of fatigue, and increased energy and concentration levels during the day.

The SoeMac therapy device is sleek and small - you simply plug-in and switch on, and run every night in your bedroom, near to where you sleep. It runs quietly, and with a soft red light glow, gently blowing Oxygen Energy into the surrounding ambient air. All you have to do is breathe in the oxygen it creates; which is non-invasive, and no mask or cannula is required.

The SoeMac is the world’s first and only home use Singlet Oxygen Energy therapy device. Until now, this Oxygen Energy therapy has only been available to users by means of very expensive, large machines, which rely on the use of a nasal cannula, or mask, to deliver the Oxygen Energy to the user.

SoeMac makes it possible to deliver the health benefits of Oxygen Energy therapy that have previously only been available in hospitals and clinics for the last 20 years. It is much more affordable, and really easy to use, in your home.


We designed SoeMac to help you make the most of each breath,
so you can make the most of each day

How SoeMac works

SoeMac is a home-use device that has been proven to produce Singlet Oxygen Energy, or SOE, in tests with the University of Leicester*. This is an extra energy that combines with the existing oxygen in the air, and works better within the human body than the normal un-energised oxygen. 

SoeMac works by producing (SOE) Oxygen Energy, a naturally occurring energy, which helps to relax the lungs, allowing them to do their work more efficiently, and in turn, enabling the whole body to use the oxygen more effectively at the cellular level.


Is it natural?

The Oxygen Energy is completely natural; it’s what produced when sunlight hits the chlorophyll in plants and a chemical reaction takes place to release energy. Because of its high energy state, SOE is used in in many processes to speed things up, which is why it’s often described as a natural source of extra energy.

SoeMac can help to improve our usual breathing, by helping to relax the lungs, take deeper breaths, aid removal of excess mucus, assist the gaseous interchange from the lungs into the blood stream, and vice versa; it helps with both oxygen in, and carbon dioxide out.

When we breathe, our lungs inject oxygen into the bloodstream, and as blood flows around the body, the oxygen is carried to the cells, which use it as part of the process of producing a form of energy, known as ATP. This is used by the body for all sorts of activities and bodily functions, and is known as the body’s energy currency; ATP provides the energy we need to see, use our muscles, and work our brains during simple and complex mental tasks.

Our bodies are usually good at self-regulating this process to make sure that each bodily function has sufficient oxygen and ATP energy to carry out its functions. But sometimes, our body is less able to do this for us, and in a wide variety of medical conditions and sleep disorders, the natural availability of these precious resources reduced, so our body has to work even harder to carry out important biological and mental functions.

In a wide range of health conditions, this can result in low energy, the experience of pain, poor cognitive functions, and numerous breathing difficulties, which can become a vicious circle, prolonged over time. Being tired often makes you feel even more tired, which only perpetuates the problem. It can also reduce the body’s natural ability to detox itself, which can further impact on the symptoms of tiredness, low energy, and poor mental focus.

Boost your energy

SoeMac can help to increase the availability of oxygen at the cellular level. When it is breathed in, it is has more energy and works faster than normal oxygen. Breathing in Oxygen Energy as you sleep can help the body to restore and rejuvenate itself better, and help to increase the energy cycle many people aspire to.

The science bit

SoeMac draws normal ambient air inside and passes it through an internal catalyst unit. This consists of LED’s set at a specific wavelength, and a photo-sensitiser. Together, they create a gentle low-level red light, and a very mild whirring sound.

As it works, the molecules inside of the photo-sensitiser become excited, and when the airborne oxygen passes across their surfaces, the excitation energy is passed to the oxygen molecules, briefly changing their molecular structure from their usual stable state, to a singlet state, known as Singlet Oxygen Energy, or SOE. After passing through the SoeMac, the oxygen molecules immediately revert to their normal passive state, but retain this extra energy in their molecular bonds. It is this extra energy, combined with the oxygen molecules, that is so welcomed by the body.

The SoeMac does not make oxygen, like an oxygen concentrator does in traditional oxygen therapy. What it does do is make an Oxygen Energy, that enables the body to get more of the available oxygen to the cellular level. Research continues as to the precise bio-chemistry of this process.

* Tests conducted by the University of Leicester have confirmed that SoeMac produces singlet oxygen energy.


The efficacy of SoeMac has been confirmed through research and trials and the first clinical trial is set to start in 2016. The SoeMac is classed as a complimentary therapy product, and is not yet approved as a medical device, until such time as the testing and research is concluded to the satisfaction of the relevant authorities.

The technology dates back to 1987 when German researcher Jörg Klemm began developing Singlet Oxygen Therapy, initially focusing on inhalation therapy using catalyst chambers.

Since 2010, SOE Health has focused on researching the effects of SOE technology on people of all ages and all states of health in co-operation with universities and medical experts around the world.


In research, singlet oxygen energy has been shown to:  

  • Improve physical performance and vital capacity
  • Improve lung function
  • Improve blood oxygen levels
  • Reduce breathlessness
  • Reduce blood pressure
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