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My dream is that one day SoeMac will become a mainstream medical device, freely available from the NHS, to everyone who needs it. It’s a long journey, but we’re making great progress and will soon be starting our first clinical trial.


A breath of fresh air comes home

In 2008, and faced with a chronic health condition, SOE Health’s Managing Director Neil Stentiford was looking for helpful new technologies at the forefront of medical research.

In Germany, he discovered Oxygen Energy Therapy and a maverick scientist called Jörg Klemm. At this time, the technology had limited use and the machines were bulky, requiring the user to be hooked up with a mask of cannula. Customers received a treatment for 20 minutes every week and there was no meaningful explanation about what Oxygen Energy Therapy was, or how it really worked.

That’s when Neil’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he put a team in place to bring this technology to people in a user-friendly way. Their mission was to make it smaller, suitable for home use and all at an affordable price.

By 2010, the SoeMac was born

By updating the technology, it now had wider appeal and could be used at home. By making the machine much smaller, it was now a discreet and sleek device that can easily stored in a bedroom alongside other gadgets like phone and tablet chargers. And by removing the need for a mask or cannula users no longer felt like patients.

Throughout this journey research and trials have taken place to confirm its efficacy and hundreds of people have given positive feedback. It is helping people with breathing disorders such as COPD, Emphysema and Asthma as well as those with fatigue deficiencies such as ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia or experiencing a shortage of oxygen.

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