History of SOE Inhalation Technology

The heart of our products is based upon technology originally conceived by the German researcher Jörg Klemm who began developing Singlet Oxygen Energy technology in 1987. He worked with a number of partners in different countries to manufacture and market products that mostly concentrated on inhalation therapy.

Over the years, a number of studies have been performed with products utilising activation chambers (catalysts) designed by Jörg Klemm.

Since 2010, SOE Health Ltd. prioritised the continuation of research into the effects of SOE technology on persons of all ages and states of health.  In order to ensure factual accuracy and duplicity, we have entered into co-operations with universities and qualified medical personnel around the world. 

The SoeMac does not make oxygen, like an oxygen concentrator does in traditional oxygen therapy. What it does do is make an Oxygen Energy, that enables the body to get more of the available oxygen to the cellular level. Research continues as to the precise bio-chemistry of this process.

We will be adding to the chronological list of events on the right as we publish our results and release new products.


Evolution Milestones


Project launch and begin of a cooperation with Tony van der Valk / Valkion.


First 100 singlet oxygen producing machines manufactured.


Cooperation with Merlin / Vitaion.


Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany
Test and certification that patented catalysts designed and manufactured by Jörg Klemm produce singlet oxygen in a gaseous environment.

Fitness Clinic of Helsinki
Report: Some physiological effects of breathing singlet oxygen activated air. An experiment with ergospirometry.


Dr. Dr. sc. D. Cimbal, Germany
Evaluation in relation to the effects of SOE on racehorses.

Dr. Anders Willstedt
Beobachtungen an Patienten mit chronischem Fibromyalgie- syndrom.


Scandlab report 30414
Breathing of singlet oxygen activated air and the effect on blood parameters in healthy individuals.


Tetrum Investment
Report on clinical investigations of Singlet Oxygen Therapy Valkion Unit used in sanitarium practice at Chernobyl zone, Ukraine.

Free Radical Biology and Medicine
Report: Harmful Singlet Oxygen can be helpful.


Cooperation with nes AG (Airnergy). Contrary to recent information published by Airnergy AG, Jörg Klemm has no relationship with Airnergy AG, the products, research or manufacture of components.


Dr. E. Krämer, Troisdorf, Germany
Patient observation related to hypercholesterolemia.


Dr. J. Marrongelle, Schuykill Clinic for Integrative Medicine
Clinical evaluation related to the effects of SOE on Fibromyalgia.


Bericht über eine zweiteilige, kontrollierte Studie mittels Herzraten-Variabilitäts-Messungen (HRV) bezüglich der Wirksamkeit der Airnergy+-Sauerstoff-Therapie.


Concentrated Oxygen and activated air: the physiological effects of two inhalation therapies in comparison.

Die Naturheilkunde No. 2 / 2004
New air therapy sets benchmarks.

das schlafmagazin
Airnergy-Sauerstofftherapie im Test: Auswertung einer Patientenbeobachtung.


Begin of research into improving the existing technology and a cooperation with Links (HK) Ltd. to design new products and optimise manufacture.



Application for new patents filed.

Establishment of SOE Health Ltd. with manufacturing facilities in the UK.


Research Summary

Below are links to our trials and research. All the links open in a new window.

ME Research Study using the SoeMac

2013 University of Leicester SoeMac Final Report Summary

This report confirms that SoeMac produces singlet oxygen energy.

TBC A thesis on sleep and COPD

Thesis on SoeMac – Exploring this complimentary therapy for sleep and breathing disorders.

TBC Erpenbach Study on Sleep Disorders

A summary document of a study confirming that SoeMac had a positive impact on sleep disorders within four weeks.

2012 Erpenbach Walk Test Report    

A small study confirming that SoeMac is beneficial to the physical performance of COPD sufferers.

2010-2011 Erpenbach Walk Test Study Report

A small study confirming that SoeMac is beneficial to the physical performance of COPD sufferers.

2010 -2011 Erpenbach Walk Test Study Analysis

Numerical results of physical walking test on COPD sufferers