SoeMac as an alternative therapy for energy problems and disorders

Our users with severe energy and fatigue disorders tell us they sleep better, which can help them to manage their energy levels better

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How SoeMac has help people with ME and low energy

Approximately 70% of ME sufferers who use SoeMac tell us they benefit in some way or other. We have learnt that ME is a complex and deep-rooted condition, and it can take many weeks before the SoeMac starts to have an impact, which is why we offer a 30 day, no quibble money back guarantee it our users don't see any improvement.

Due to the complexity of this condition, we’ve also noted that the SoeMac influences different people in different ways, and in a different time frame, and it can take a little longer to take effect for this condition. Many of our users tell us that the amount of energy available to the body increases as they use SoeMac. We believe this is because more Oxygen Energy becomes available to them.

  • Energy delivered to the body is gradually increased by breathing in energised oxygen at night
  • Users respond in different ways to SoeMac; some start to improve in only days, others find it takes much longer, up to 30 days.
  • The majority of our users see the benefit of sleeping with SoeMac, but it can often up to 3 months with this health condition to experience the full effects
  • SoeMac comes with a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee, so if you you find you need more time, just let us know, and we'll still honour our promise if SoeMac isn't working for you

"I have no effects of ME - no fatigue, no pain, no brain fog, and I feel marvellous. I know that when I go to bed with my SoeMac, I'll feel refreshed and ready to face anything the day brings to me" - Mary, ME sufferer of 17 years.

What is ME?

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a disorder that can affect all types and ages of people. There has been some debate as to whether this is an illness at all and it is often likened to CFS.

It causes mild to severe fatigue, which is so sometimes so severe that people are unable to get out of bed and become housebound. It restricts family and social life and education in the younger generation.

Are CFS and ME the same condition?

ME is becoming the more commonly used name for this condition, and the description of CFS is gradually being phased out. Some professionals and sufferers alike think it can be perceived as derogatory and judgmental towards someone who suffers such a debilitating level of fatigue. It is estimated that some 250,000 people in the UK suffer from ME.

What are the symptoms?

These are some of the symptoms of this complex condition:

  • Difficulty sleeping & tiredness after exertion
  • Disturbed and unrefreshing sleep
  • Widespread muscle weakness and joint pain, worse after exertion
  • Standing, walking and sitting can become difficult
  • Cognitive difficulties e.g. difficulty thinking, short term memory loss
  • Sleep and temperature disturbances
  • Noise and light sensitivity

How can it be treated?

Like CFS, there isn’t a specific treatment programme for ME, most patients manage their symptoms by changing how they think and behave until the symptoms ease. It is important that ME sufferers find physical and mental activities they are comfortable with. Over the counter pain killers, antidepressants and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are standard treatments for both ME and CFS. SoeMac has been shown to help people with CFS to improve their sleep and energy levels.

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Our Testimonials

“I purchased the SoeMac machine almost nine weeks ago after trawling the internet for any hope of a cure for my CFS, M.E. and Fibromyalgia. I found myself over 17 years ago suddenly struck down by a very high fever and couldn’t get out of bed. My life consisted of a little work, eating, and not much sleep. Insomnia was another symptom of my illness. Simple things like holding up a hair-dryer left me completely exhausted and in severe pain. Any exertion at all left me crippled with muscle pain too.

Life was at this stage totally unbearable. The best way I could describe the fatigue was as if a bag of cement was tied to my ankles and wrists and absolutely any exertion became impossible.

When the SoeMac arrived, I lay in bed for 7 full days and nights with it on my bedside table, switched on 24 hours every day. After approximately 2 weeks suddenly I found I could get out of bed every day. My brain fog completely disappeared and I was “alive” for the first time in almost 18 years. My chronic fatigue went away as did all my muscle and joint pain. My “bags of cement” had completely gone. After almost 19 years it’s difficult to realise what a normal life actually is. But I know when I go to bed at night I fall asleep with my SoeMac and wake up 8 hours later totally refreshed and ready to face anything the day brings to me.

I have absolutely no effects of M.E. – no fatigue, no pain, no brain fog and feel marvellous. I have a complete clear head and my memory has returned too. I look and feel years younger – what more can any woman ask for?!”