Spring 2018 News - BLF Partnership

Welcome to the Spring edition of our Newsletter in which we are absolutely delighted to announce that SoeMac is working in partnership with the British Lung Foundation as an official partner. We are supporting the BLF by making a donation to the BLF for every SoeMac we sell. 

The BLF is the only UK charity looking after the nation’s lungs. They have been researching lung conditions for 30 years, and this remains at the heart of what they do today. Their aim is to improve care, and to prevent, treat and cure lung diseases.

Our partnership with the BLF is our way of demonstrating support for their aims, helping them to realise their ambition - to ensure that one day everyone breathes clean air with healthy lungs. 

In our newsletter, we're also pleased to share more SoeMac news and user testimonials with you, and this month's key condition focus is all about sleep.

If you would like to receive a paper copy please drop us an email to info@soemac.com with your address and we'll pop one in the post.