"SoeMac goes a long way to improve one's quality of life" - Raymond

Raymond, who has COPD shared his experience of using SoeMac.

"Thank you for the opportunity to return my unit for a free service. Now as you will know there are lots of different types of COPD and although most of your owners of SoeMac’s use them during sleeping hours, I found as a light sleeper, a degree of difficulty staying asleep due to the slight hum and the light coming from my unit. After trying ear plugs and an eye mask, which didn’t really work because they were uncomfortable, I realised that I had never had a problem breathing during sleeping.

So my solution to the problem was to place the unit beside my computer in the study, where as a retired senior citizen I spend quite a bit of my time. The unit worked great for me in this position, because since I installed it, I have been able to get up from my computer with no breathlessness.

With only a 36% lung function, I would recommend SoeMac to anyone who suffers from COPD. We know it is not a cure but it goes a long way to improve one’s quality of life.

I cannot thank you and your staff enough."

Best regards, Raymond Quinn
June 2017