Daniel's COPD story

Daniel Farnsworth COPD, as written by Tracie - unedited

I am attaching some pictures of my Dad, Daniel Farnsworth taken in Dec 2016 and again in February 2017 after only 4 weeks of using your SoeMac Machine. The difference it has made to his quality of life has been beyond all our hopes and expectations. He is sleeping well, less coughing in the mornings, eating properly, out walking again and best of all smiling. 

He has cut down on the daily amount of steroids he was taking, he is completely off his anxiety medication that was only making his emphysema worse. When we first received the SoeMac he kept the box, saying that "it will be going back!" Three weeks later he phoned me to tell me "that machine you got me is bloody brilliant!" I have been recommending the SoeMac to everyone I know. Thank you so much.

Please use the above as my review. I believe you will be getting some orders from Malta!

SoeMac testimonial, March 2017.

The photo we've used is the 'after' - what a smile!