SoeMac helped Dennis throw his walking stick away

"A lot of products promise so much to help people with breathing problems such as COPD. The Soemac oxygen converter is bloody fantastic. We use only 21 per cent of the natural air, which is three singlet oxygen but our bodies convert it to one singlet. This mini machine is a lot cheaper than the bigger ones that are about $8000. This little machine draws in three singlet oxygen then pushes out one singlet. It does not have any invasive connections.

Place it on a bed table and run it through the night in a completely closed room aimed at your sleeping body. The oxygen it generates goes into the cells of your body. My experience is very simple, though it is winter in Australia, I have spent the last year struggling to walk with a stick, a week ago, after having the Soemac working each night, I chucked the stick in a cupboard. I feel better and can walk with my wife to do the shopping.

Today I felt good so cut back some shrubbery. It's a slow process getting your strength back after a lengthy stay in hospital, with Pneumonia, but each day this little machine is making life liveable. If you're living on oxygen this mini machine will help greatly."

Thanks Neil.
Dennis Neville.