George Medal Hero flies the flag for SoeMac

Andrew Norton, aged 74, lives in Bedfordshire.

Andrew was formerly in the Coldstream Guards 2nd Battalion, when in 1964 he was involved in a bomb explosion in Aden. He suffered burns and sand blasting to most of his body and subsequently suffered with lung disease. As a result of his involvement in this incident he was awarded a George Medal when he returned to the UK.

Upon leaving the Forces, he then became a Paramedic with the London Ambulance Service for 15 years but was forced to leave when his lung and back problems became much worse. He comments, “My breathing was incredibly poor, I was in and out of casualty all the time and I was told I only had 9-10 months to live. I was chronically fatigued and could barely get out of bed.”

In 2013, desperate and dying, Andrew went online to try and find anything that would help him. He continues, “I came across SoeMac and couldn’t believe the difference it made – and quickly! Within five weeks I was out of bed and living a normal life again. In fact, I was as active as when I was in the Forces.”

Since regularly using SoeMac, Andrew has seen many health benefits. His diabetes is much less severe, with the average reading dropping from 13.5 to just 5.3 and he has also seen a dramatic reduction in his cholesterol levels.  

He comments, “The difference it has made to my life is incredible. I owe my life to this machine. I leave it running most of the time but if I occasionally take a break from using it, I only notice a slight dip in my health and wellbeing.

SoeMac is a non-invasive, alternative oxygen energy therapy that is helping people with a wide range of sleep, low energy and other problems such as COPD and breathing disorders. It is a compact and non-invasive device that you can safely use at home to give your body an extra energy boost.  Simply plug it in close to your bed and enjoy breathing in this bio-usable form of energised oxygen.