So why do we need a National Stop Snoring Week?

You might not be surprised to know that as many as one in four people in the UK snore, and not only does it hinder the quality of sleep for the snorer, it also impacts the person lying next to them. What you might not know is that poor sleep is known to be one of the highest risk factors to our general good health, and snoring is known to be a key cause. 

Snoring happens when air movement is restricted and is a common factor in sleep deprivation. It is often caused by lifestyle factors and can range from relatively quiet to loud and disruptive for anyone close by. It can also be a sign of a more serious condition called sleep apnea, where a person’s airways are repeatedly blocked during the night.

Today marks the beginning of a week long awareness campaign by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association - National Stop Snoring Week. They’re passionate about helping us to stop snoring so we can be healthier and live fuller lives.

Their website is packed with information and advice about what you can do to take control of your snoring, and there are interactive tools to help you discover more about this often underestimated condition.

Here at SoeMac, we’ve proud to have helped many snorers and their partners to get a better night’s sleep using SoeMac, you can visit our snoring testimonials blog to learn more:

One of our users, Alex from Nottingham says, “We had only been using SoeMac for a few weeks and I noticed a reduction in my partner’s snoring. It’s also helping me to sleep a lot better and I feel more relaxed and energised when I wake up. I can’t recommend it enough.”

National Stop Snoring Week starts today 25 April, 2016 until Friday 29th April, help yourself to a better night’s sleep.