Can SoeMac help my snoring?

Nigel and May suffer from broken sleep patterns, and intermittent snoring. They began using the SoeMac for the first time in June 2011 and have continued to use it most nights since.

Nigel says “May’s snoring has ceased and I can get a full night’s sleep without being woken”. Not to be outdone, May also claims that “Nigel’s snoring is no more”, and she can get a full night’s sleep!

Some nights they forget to turn on the SoeMac, and one or other of them will be awoken during the night by the other’s snoring, which necessitates them getting up and switching the SoeMac on. Both now “swear by” the SoeMac and the positive benefits to their sleep.

“Interestingly, there was a night when the wind was very strong, and blowing down the chimney in the bedroom. That night the SoeMac was not as effective, and we noticed something similar when we slept with the big window open. We concluded that the SoeMac works best when the doors and windows are shut.

It definitely improves our energy levels, and quite often we have been waking up and are ready to get on with the day, before the alarm sounds and feel great enough to go ahead and get the day started early! Anyone who knows us will be surprised, as this really is new for us. We are really pleased that we purchased this product, and will not go to sleep without it ! Thank you.” 


Robert experiences periods of sleep apnea, along with bouts of heavy snoring. He’s been using the SoeMac for 3 months now, this is what’s happened to him.

“I am able to report that I personally feel more relaxed when I wake in the morning and generally have less “post snoring” after effects. My wife, Adele, has also noticed that I am sleeping more soundly, as by default her own sleep is being disturbed less.

I don’t suffer from a chronic breathing ailment, so the improvements (I have seen) in my breathing during my sleep have taken longer to materialise, however the quality of my sleep has improved significantly.

Interestingly my wife woke me with her snoring, I diverted the SoeMac to her and in a few minutes she too had stopped snoring, without being encouraged with a poke!

I would be very happy to recommend the SoeMac to anyone who has a breathing complaint; until they experience the effects of SoeMac, it is difficult for them to appreciate the relaxed feeling this unit promotes."


Nick has been using his SoeMac for about a month now. He’s a long time snorer, resulting from a nasal injury earlier in life.

“I have found that it's helped with my breathing at night which has also helped in me getting a better night’s sleep. I wake in the morning with far more energy and am ready for the day ahead, which I am tackling with greater enthusiasm and zest.  Using SoeMac has also helped my wife, who now does not complain about my snoring!"

Image courtesy of Paul Schneggenburger