How close to my SoeMac should I be when I sleep?

Sue: SoeMac user

"I’ve been using my SoeMac device for almost one year now, and it’s become a familiar and welcome part of my nighttime routine. It has made a noticeable difference to the quality of my sleep and this has improved my energy levels.

One consideration when using it has been, how close to my head should it be? I’ve placed in right next to me, and also a little further away, on the far side of the bed, but does it make a difference?

Over the Easter weekend, I visited Devon, and the bed where I slept was wider than my bed at home. I placed my SoeMac right next to me on the bedside table, because it felt like it might be too far away if I placed it on the far table, like I tend to at home, but would I notice a difference?

Well, the answer is, yes. I woke up on the first morning in Devon with a distinctly dry mouth, and a mild, light headed feeling. Both passed very quickly after drinking some water, and then I assessed “how I was feeling”. Better, in a single word. I’d slept better than I had for some weeks, and felt more refreshed.

Having returned home, I’ve placed my SoeMac back into position right next to me, but I’d like to know, what difference will it make if it’s closer to my head when I sleep?"

Neil – SoeMac inventor

"The SoeMac works best in a contained environment, like a bedroom with the doors and windows closed. Having the window slightly open is fine, as long as there is not a strong draught, or air-flow through the room, otherwise all of the energised air will just be blown away.

With the SoeMac running overnight, the Oxygen Energy will disperse all around the room. If there are two people sleeping in the same room, both will benefit. The intensity of the treatment will be increased by a closer proximity of the user to the SoeMac, so when Sue placed the SoeMac very close to where she slept, she had more Oxygen Energy than she was normally used to, and hence she noticed some small changes.

Sue's dry mouth and light-headedness relate to her body detoxing, and her increased  sense of well being and energy are the positive benefits that derive from increasing the intensity of the treatment."