Sleeping with fibromyalgia & SoeMac

We're learning all the time about how hard it can be to get a good night's sleep for people who suffer with the pain and energy condition, fibromyalgia. Their general poor sleep often exacerbates their experience of pain and fatigue, taking away one of their precious "spoons". We'd like to share with you some of testimonials written by sufferers of this chronic condition during 2015, who have been sleeping alongside their SoeMac each night, and how it has helped each of them in their daily lives; that's something that we're proud about.

Sally Young
“I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for over ten years and tried many things to help alleviate the symptoms. The main issue with Fibromyalgia is not getting the right type of sleep, therefore on waking feeling like you have been run over by a lorry and that your body is made of concrete!! I used the machine for a couple of weeks and felt ok, but wasn’t sure if I was just having a good few days. I decided to stop using the SoeMac to see if it was that or not that made the difference. The following day I felt terrible, back to the concrete body feeling! That is when I realised what a big difference this little machine was making to my life. Four months on and I certainly have a lot more good days than bad now. Result!”

Diana Emberson
“Good news regarding my daughter Joanne, I'm pleased to say the SoeMac seems to be having some really positive effects now!

Over the last week her sleep pattern has improved significantly, which is great news, up to yet there isn't much of a reduction in pain but she's hoping that may happen over the next week or so, if her sleep pattern continues to improve. Seems like your offer to let her have an extra months trial was a great idea, as the 30 day trial didn't seem quite long enough for her to notice any major benefits, whereas the extra time has done! Thanks again Neil.”

 Judith Veenendaal Deventer 
“I’ve been using the SoeMac for about 4 weeks now. When using the SoeMac in case of Fibromyalgia, ME and other chronic disorders, it is advised that you can notice a difference within 6 weeks. I’ve noticed some differences immediately! First my sleeping pattern became better, and I felt more alert. 

If you would like to share your story, please get in touch.