Breath better with SoeMac

During the past three years we’ve had some wonderful feedback from people who experience breathing difficulties, which has resulted in poor sleep for them over prolonged periods of time.

Many people have told us that the number of hours sleep they get at night significantly increases when they begin using the SoeMac machine regularly, highlighting real improvements in their breathing at night. They tell us that their nights become more peaceful and less interrupted. Some have also found that their Oxygen levels increase as a result of using SoeMac routinely.

We’ll share them as stories, written by real people, benefiting from using SoeMac. Here is Gangler’s story on COPD and Oxygen levels.

“My sleeping pattern has changed within the first three weeks of having SoeMac. According to my wife, my snoring has stopped, and I realise that I sleep more soundly, and I can finally sleep through the night.
The oxygen saturation of my blood has been greatly improved. After about 3-4 weeks it has settled at 96-98%, depending on physical activity. Before, the values lay at about 94% and during uninterrupted rest times at 95-96%, but only rarely. I've noticed that when not using the unit my general health worsens considerably, and after only 3-4 days, I was again suffering from severe insomnia, and the oxygen saturation of my blood decreased again from 96-98% to 94-95%. The SoeMac helped to stabilise my blood pressure within 3-4 weeks.
When away on a short trip, I did not take the unit with me, every day resulted in a further deterioration of my general condition. But when finally reunited with my device, I felt myself getting better every day. Therefore, I do not want to miss the device any more, not a single day!”

For more stories and health updates on breathing disorders, and the benefits of using SoeMac to help improve the symptoms, search for #SoeBreath on twitter.