Our first ‘My Story’ for Autism & ASD and Sleep

We’d like to share some of the wonderful feedback we’ve received from mums, whose children with Autism and ASD had all been experiencing poor sleep prior to discovering the SoeMac machine.

They’ve all seen real improvements in their child’s sleep when using SoeMac, and often their child’s behaviour and daily enjoyment of life as well. One mum warmly describes improvements in her child’s concentration, and another whose child has achieved much deeper sleep when using our SoeMac machine.

It’s delightful to hear from real people, who tell us that SoeMac has improved the health and lives of their children, as well as their own and we’ll be sharing them over the coming months. Here is Juliet’s story.   

Juliet, mum of 9yr old boy, pre-verbal ASD

“We noticed a difference almost straight away, within a couple of days - much deeper sleep and for longer and without interruption. My son always used to wake immediately at the slightest sound.
We've had the machine on nightly for approximately 6 hours each night. I put it on after my son has been asleep for several hours as, otherwise I fear he would mess about with it. My son's room is very small, so the machine is approximately 4ft away from his head.
My son's school has said they've noticed an improvement in his concentration, and this has enabled them to spend longer on key tasks such as reading and matching with him. They have said my son is calmer too. I believe this is due to my child consistently having a good night's sleep.
As you can imagine, the improved sleep has also had a hugely positive impact on my wellbeing - I hadn't realised just how much the lack of sleep/disrupted sleep was affecting my concentration and general outlook.
It’s fair to say that the SoeMac is now an essential piece of our 'kit' and has been money very well spent. I would definitely recommend it to another parent with a child with sleep issues, especially staying asleep rather than going to sleep.”

Look out for more stories, we’ll be using #SoeSleep on twitter to help you find them.