Health stories people like to share

It’s often the case that when something works to improve our health, we like to talk about it, and want to share our experiences with others.

This explains why we’ve had so much incredible feedback from people who suffer from energy related conditions, including ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia. They tell us about the real improvements they see in their symptoms, sleep patterns, and energy levels when using SoeMac.

SoeMac seems to make a difference to people’s lives, and that’s something we’re incredibly proud of. So we’d like to share some of our stories, beginning with  Geertje and Godfried, talking about their fatigue and low energy conditions.


“I am using the SoeMac for four hours every night with a timer, and one hour in the mornings before I get up. When I wake up, I feel fresh and well rested. Due to my medical condition CFS, I often feel shiftless during the day, in which case I simply use the SoeMac in the room where I am at the time for one hour and I always feel much better afterwards.
After meals, I am normally very weak and tired. As a result of the continued use of SoeMac, I estimate my energy increased at no less than 40%. In addition, my general condition has improved, I experience less energy deficits and less headaches, and I sleep a lot better. It is a also a good support during my fitness exercises.”


“For many years I have suffered from problems due to my energy deficit, resulting in emotional and physical consequences. One month ago I started using the SoeMac at night. After only one week I felt fitter in the mornings and more energetic. During the second week I woke up earlier and obviously needed less sleep. Now, I am “only” using the SoeMac for half of the night, I sleep better, and feel a lot more alert.
During the week my energy level is depleted as of 4pm. I am tired, easily annoyed and it is difficult for me to concentrate. At the weekend, when I am using the SoeMac, I have noticed that those factors are a lot less pronounced. In the beginning I was extremely sceptical about SoeMac, but I have meanwhile realised that I feel very much better for it.”

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