The efficacy of SoeMac has been confirmed through research and trials and the first clinical trial is set to start in 2016. The SoeMac is classed as a complimentary therapy product, and is not yet approved as a medical device, until such time as the testing and research is concluded to the satisfaction of the relevant authorities.

The technology dates back to 1987 when German researcher Jörg Klemm began developing Singlet Oxygen Therapy, initially focusing on inhalation therapy using catalyst chambers.

Since 2010, SOE Health has focused on researching the effects of SOE technology on people of all ages and all states of health in co-operation with universities and medical experts around the world.


In research, singlet oxygen energy has been shown to:  

  • Improve physical performance and vital capacity
  • Improve lung function
  • Improve blood oxygen levels
  • Reduce breathlessness
  • Reduce blood pressure