Our testimonials from Asthma sufferers

“I received a SoeMac device in July 2012. At first I was very sceptical of the idea. As instructed, I placed the device in my bedroom and turn it on 2 hours before I go to bed, leaving it on overnight.

I have suffered with Asthma for nearly thirty years. During that time I have used many types of inhalers, including steroids. My dependence on inhalers varies due to the time of year and seasonal weather. At worst I use an inhaler 4-5 times per day, at best I use my inhaler twice per day. I always have to use my inhaler before going to bed at night. Sleep has also been difficult; I always wake up at least once per night with a shortage of breath. This interrupted sleep has probably caused me more health issues and discomfort than anything else.

The results of using the SoeMac device are very simple to explain, I sleep 7-8 hours without interruption each night and my use of inhalers has dropped to 1-2 per day on average. In fact there are days where I forget to use the inhaler, which had become a regular habit. I have more energy due to better sleep and I somehow feel fresher and ready to go."

Brenda Reynolds

“I am delighted with the SoeMac as it has really helped with my breathing. I have chronic asthma, and I am the start of COPD. Some days are still better than others, but I have noticed the annoying coughing has become less, and my breathing in the morning is much better. One day I even forgot to take my medication as my chest was so clear.

To me it has made a great difference, and it is much better than having to take more medication. I am absolutely delighted with the SoeMac, and have felt a marked difference in my breathing and sleep.”

Louise O’Sullivan