More Fibromyalgia Testimonials

“Good news regarding my daughter Joanne, I'm pleased to say the SoeMac seems to be having some really positive effects now!!

Over the last week her sleep pattern has improved significantly, which is great news, up to yet there isn't much of a reduction in pain but she's hoping that may happen over the next week or so, if her sleep pattern continues to improve. Seems like your offer to let her have an extra months trial was a great idea, as the 30 day trial didn't seem quite long enough for her to notice any major benefits, whereas the extra time has done!!! Thanks again Neil.” 

Diana Emberson on her daughter's Low Energy and poor Sleep

“I’ve been using the SoeMac for about 4 weeks now. When using the SoeMac in case of Fibromyalgia, ME and other chronic disorders, it is advised that you can notice a difference within 6 weeks. I've noticed some differences immediately! First my sleeping pattern became better, and I felt more alert. After a while I had less pain in my joints and muscles. I’m very happy with this!! I suggest sufferers from Fibromyalgia, and other chronic diseases to give it a try. I love the SoeMac!”

Judith Veenendaal Deventer on Fibromyalgia