Our Testimonials

“Within one week of using SoeMac,not only was I back to a more regular sleep pattern but I was waking up feeling brighter and more alert and ready to face the day ahead. After spending many years with broken and irregular sleep patterns and trying many alternative medicines, I had lost hope of ever having a good night’s sleep again. I used to get up every morning feeling tired and lethargic and not looking forward to the day ahead.

Then I got a SoeMac [thanks Neil] and could not believe the difference. Great buy! Would recommend to anyone who has sleeping problems.”

Chic Cottrell

“I have been using a SoeMac for 6 months now. I haven’t slept well for years because of various medical problems, and so my sleep patterns have been very disrupted and my energy levels quite poor. I have noticed, that all things being equal, that I sleep more calmly now, and wake up feeling more refreshed than I used to.
My daughters tell me that I am generally quieter at night, as I tend to be on the snuffly/snoring side of things.

I’ve also noticed that when I get up in the morning, my throat is clearer and I feel less congested than I used to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who experiences unsettled sleep and low energy levels.”

Mary Davies