More Testimonials

“I've been diagnosed with severe lung fibrosis, which means the oxygen levels in my blood can fall to very low levels. During the day I use a mobile oxygen supply to help me breathe, but nights were always a problem and I used to wake several times every night gasping for air.

Then I was given a SoeMac which I plugged it into a socket by my bedside. The results were instant and dramatic. For the first time in months I was able to sleep through the night, breathing normally.

It's difficult to believe that a device so small and unobtrusive has had such a huge impact on my life. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone suffering from breathing-related conditions.”

David Thomas on Lung Fibrosis

“I suffer with Emphysema, and as a consequence, my blood oxygen levels are too low. I purchased a SoeMac in May to see if this would help my condition, and I am really pleased to tell you that I have “more get up and go” and don’t feel as fatigued as I normally do. This is great for me, but most amazing is that I saw the nurse this week. My blood oxygen levels have been around 92/93 for quite a while, and the nurse checks these on a monthly basis.

Since using the SoeMac, they are now up to 98, and we are very pleased, as they have never been that high since we started monitoring them. The nurse wants to know more about the SoeMac, and I told her how good it has been for me. Thank you.”

Eunice Bracken on Emphysema