Our Testimonials

“We have noticed one big, significant, change in our 5 year old son, who has Autism, since using the SoeMac. He struggles to fall asleep and has always gone to bed late (usually around 10pm-11pm) so sometimes getting up for school in the morning has been a struggle, and although he was always a solid sleeper he also needed to lie-in, so was frequently tired in the morning.

Since using the SoeMac he’s still going to bed late but waking up 'raring to go' and much more refreshed and 'awake'. Before the SoeMac, some days it could take an hour before he was 'with it' in the morning, so that is a big help and mornings are much easier!”

Ben’s mum, Gail

“My son is sleeping through the night since using the machine, and a lot more alert throughout the day. There are some positive improvements; he is doing really well at school too, we can't part with the machine!

I am using the SoeMac for my son who has autism, sensory processing disorder, non verbal and challenging behavior. We have used the SoeMac for a few months and we can see a difference in many areas. My son is sleeping a lot better, he wakes up in the morning alert and happy. We have also seen more verbal words which has also helped with his challenging behaviour.

Most of all he has become more alert, he made a sandwich the other day, his social skills are fantastic. I can say this has been all noticed since using the machine. Also Hashim used to get up coughing and would bring up phlegm, this has also stopped. I would highly recommend this to families who have children with autism or other complex needs."

Ferdious, Hashim’s mum