How SoeMac has helped people to improve symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Our users tells us that SoeMac helps relax their airways, allowing for smoother and peaceful breathing, reducing their need to “fight for breath” associated with this serious sleep condition. SoeMac can give our users the opportunity to naturally proceed to the deepest sleep cycles, leaving them feeling more refreshed when they wake each morning.

SoeMac is a non-invasive therapy, which means that it can help to reduce the impact of the symptoms of sleep apnea for our users, especially "the fight for breath" without the use of a mask, which is a recognised prescribed treatment for this sleep condition.

Please note - if you are a prescribed sleep apnea mask user, please seek professional medical advice before switching to SoeMac.

  • It works by simply breathing in the air in the room, so it's much less disruptive than other treatments
  • Our users find that their bodies can more easily utilise the energised oxygen than air alone, helping to alleviate the symptoms of their condition
  • With better breathing, more energy becomes available at the cellular level, helping the body to revive itself
  • Our users see reductions in their feelings of fatigue that are commonly associated with this condition 
  • Over time, it can promote deeper, higher quality sleep
  • Our users feel more relaxed, which benefits them more widely

"The benefit I have found from using SoeMac is that I now use it rather than a cumbersome sleep apnea mask, and my sleep pattern is greatly improved as a result of that." - David who now sleeps soundly for 7 hours