How SoeMac has helped people to improve their experience of Insomnia

Insomnia is a complex condition which has many underlying causes, but we have seen that SoeMac has helped our users to relax their airways, allowing for smoother and more peaceful breathing. This can help the body and mind to relax, and our users say it has helped them to naturally proceed to the deepest sleep cycles, which are often disrupted by insomnia.

Our users with insomnia use SoeMac as an alternative therapy to help them improve the quality of their sleep:

  • It can help the body to be more able to utilise the energised oxygen, relaxing the body, which can help the mind to rest
  • Used regularly, this can aid deeper sleep
  • By regulating sleep better, it can help to alleviate the feelings of fatigue caused by insomnia
  • Our users have seen real improvements in their sleep, which had been disturbed for a variety of reasons
  • Users see an improvement in the quality of their sleep, even if it's not as long as they'd ideally like it to be

"I haven't slept well for many, many years, until I tried SoeMac. I wake up feeling more refreshed now, ready to take on my busy days as a mum and busy professional." - Louise, who sleeps the best she has for years now