How SoeMac has helped people with CFS

Due to the complexity of this condition, we’ve observed over time that SoeMac influences different people with this illness in different ways. We have learnt that both ME and CFS are complex and deep-rooted conditions, and it can take many weeks before the SoeMac starts to have any impact on improving the symptoms of these conditions.

Approximately 70% of our SoeMac CFS sufferers have told us that they benefit in some way or other:

  • Our users say that the amount of energy available to their bodies gradually increases as the SoeMac is used
  • Most of our users tell us the they see good improvements in their experience of the symptoms of this complex condition
  • Our users say that they experience an improvement in the quality of their sleep and sleep more soundly
  • Users tell us that they feel the benefits in different time frame. For some, it can take a little longer to take effect for this condition, sometimes up to 3 months
  • SoeMac comes with a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee, so if you find you need more time, just let us know and we'll still honour our promise to refund if SoeMac isn't working for you

"After 2 weeks suddenly I found I could get out of bed every day. My chronic fatigue went away as did all my muscle and joint pain." - Mary, who suffered from CFS for 17 years