How SoeMac has helped families to improve their experience of poor sleep

It’s widely reported that a high proportion of ASD adults and children suffer from poor sleep, whether they are aware of it or not. The deficiency is more pronounced in the times of their deepest sleep, SWS (Short Wave Sleep) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement). These sleep phases are the times when the human body does much of its repair and regenerative work, resulting in this group also being deficient in a critical process. Poor quality of sleep leads to a downward spiral in neural and brain performance, further exacerbating the condition. 

Parents of children with autism who use SoeMac at night whilst they sleep, tell us they have seen positive developments and some quite amazing improvements in the cognitive function of their offspring. They tell us that they notice their behaviour, speech development, and attention spans have all shown improvement, and the common theme throughout is a better quality sleep for their child. 

This area is relatively new for us, and we are continuing our research into the bio-chemistry, and why the SoeMac is working so well.



"We have noticed one big significant change in our five year old son who has autism since using SoeMac; some days it could take up to an hour before he was ‘with it’, and mornings are so much easier now."